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Springfield Pays 8th Highest Tax Bill in the County

Township saw a higher percentage tax increase for 2012 than the state average.

Homeowners in Springfield are paying both higher property taxes than the statewide and Union County averages, according to a statewide chart published by the Star-Ledger.

The average total Springfield tax bill comes in at $10,007.95. The statewide average tax bill came in at $7,870.28, while Union County averages $9,515.09

The statewide average property tax increase was 1.7 percent for 2012, the smallest bump in more than two decades, and Springfield residents saw a 2.5 percent tax increase for 2012. Across Union County, the average percent increase for 2012 was 2.1 percent. Mountainside had the highest percentage increase for 2012 (5.6 percent), while Winfield had the biggest decrease for 2012 (-0.8 percent).

Compared to the rest of Union County, Springfield had a higher total bill than the county average. Cranford ranked 8 out of 21 for total highest bill in the county. Springfield pays a slightly higher municipal bill than the county average, and a much higher school bill as well. 

Residents in Summit (1), Westfield (2) and New Providence (3) paid the highest average total tax bill in the county, while residents in Winfield (21), Kenilworth (20) and Plainfield (19) paid the lowest.

The Star-Ledger noted that property taxes statewide rose 2.4 percent in 2011, the first year Christie’s two percent cap was in effect. But the trend of lower increases could be reversed because of Hurricane Sandy, according to the report.

In Manasquan, which suffered some of the worst damage from Sandy, local officials said the cost of rebuilding might drive up tax rates by at least 20 percent, the report said. To top it off, the tax base shrank as properties were washed away, according to the report. Towns are allowed to exceed the two percent limit on property tax collections for emergencies such as Sandy.


Average County BillAverage Municipal BillAverage School BillAverage Total BillRank of Total Bill in StatePercent Change from 2011 County Average$1,828.06$2,954.38$4,732.66$9,515.09–2.1% Statewide Average


Average County Bill

Average Municipal Bill

Average School Bill

Average Total Bill

Rank of Total Bill in County

Percent Change from 2011

Berkeley Heights








$1,942.70 $2,474.34 $4,792.82 $9,209.86 10



$2,060.72 $2,472.99 $5,369.98 $9,903.70 9 3.6% Elizabeth $1,231.09 $4,743.14 $1,871.93 $7,846.16 17 -0.5% Fanwood $1,937.83 $2,218.57 $6,280.15 $10,436.55 6 1.2% Garwood $1,710.53 $3,077.43 $3,961.33 $8,749.30 12 4.3% Hillside $1,167.12 $3,989.62 $3,513.51 $8,670.25 13 1.8% Kenilworth $1,520.31 $2,269.26 $3,548.28 $7,337.85 20 4.4% Linden $1,284.72 $2,621.57 $3,967.24 $7,873.53 15 1.7% Mountainside $2,677.69 $2,768.10 $4,743.20 $10,188.99 7 5.6% New Providence $2,560.99 $2,684.54 $7,066.03 $12,311.56 3 2.5% Plainfield $1,141.75 $4,579.09 $2,094.72 $7,815.57 19 -0.4% Rahway $1,303.43 $3,057.40 $3,465.96 $7,826.79 18 1.1% Roselle $1,042.55 $4,416.74 $3,597.64 $9,056.93 11 -0.6% Roselle Park $1,303.45 $2,815.30 $4,486.97 $8,605.73 14 1.5% Scotch Plains $2,248.72 $1,966.49 $7,304.99 $11,520.19 4 2.4% Springfield $1,876.85 $3,220.94 $4,910.17 $10,007.95 8 2.5% Summit $4,132.33 $3,643.99 $8,274.22 $16,050.53 1 3.4% Union $1,378.43 $2,878.21 $3,604.53 $7,861.16 16 3.3% Westfield $3,204.80 $2,657.55 $8,466.72 $14,329.07 2 3.1% Winfield $82.83 $1,436.10 $1,591.03 $3,109.97 21 -0.8% COUNTY AVERAGE $1,828.06 $2,954.38 $4,732.66 $9,515.09     –  2.1%

The data above, which divides property tax bills by municipal, county and public education costs, was compiled from numbers released by the state Department of Treasury and county boards of taxation.

For more information, please click here.

Warren Frank January 17, 2013 at 03:32 PM
Always a good formula. Taxes rising and services decreasing. Garbage now once a week.
Shore Girl January 17, 2013 at 04:10 PM
There are no services worth the amount of taxes we pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. What is the big savings from the garbage pick up going to pay for now?
B Freeman January 17, 2013 at 04:37 PM
Do you both want some cheese with all that whining you are doing? Taxes always go up. Factors include union contracts with the town's employees, consumer price index (goods and other supplies to run the town), infrastructure improvements. So anyplace to save money to offset these increases is needed. Go read the Springfield Patriot for some good information on garbage and recycling and when you are done reading it, RECYCLE IT!!! Don't be part of the problem, be part of the solution. So learn to recycle more. Put a lid on your garbage can and stop whining, Get with program, because if you want your gabage pickup twice a week then don't complain when taxes go up even more.
ASquared Video Productions January 17, 2013 at 04:49 PM
I don't understand how our taxes can go up this year. There are 2 new condo complexes (behind echo plaza and near antonio mozzarella) and a Walgreens being built (in the most ridiculous spot ever) you'd think there'd be more tax revenue from that alone. I only have a 1400 sq. ft. ranch on a 75X100 lot but my taxes are edging on$10,000/yr. meanwhile almost every time a house is sold on my street someone knocks it down and builds an out of place monstrosity (which I am sure they are paying their fair share in taxes) My point is the value of my home is probably plummeting because of this (which is what taxes are partially based on as I understand it) so my taxes should be at the minimum.
Kevin M January 17, 2013 at 06:13 PM
If you want lower taxes move to another town ranked 9 or below. I am sure you can find a nice affordable house in Linden, Kenilworth or Roselle. They all have lower taxes and might even have bi-weekly garbage pick-up and recycling as you see fit. Taxes will always increase regardless of where you reside because the cost of government always increases. Who do you think pays those huge muncipal pensions and benefits for everyone's friends and family members?
Shore Girl January 17, 2013 at 06:20 PM
Stop with the big pay raises! court fees for a election because no one liked the results and useless studies!!!!
Shore Girl January 17, 2013 at 06:23 PM
move is the only answer!!! When you disagree you are curified!!! Lol!!!!!!
BJ Goldstein January 17, 2013 at 11:40 PM
Everyone will be paying more in taxes throughout the state to rebuild the Jersey shore which was destroyed. It does not matter whether you live down here or up North because it is a tourist attraction in the summer months.
Anonymous89 January 18, 2013 at 03:00 AM
Why are we not surprised? The better question is why does Springfield think it's Summit or Westfield?
Glen H January 18, 2013 at 04:07 AM
Does anyone know the ACTUAL cost savings per household, per year,by cutting back on the garbage pickup.If it is something rediculis like 50 or 60 dollars then I,LL PAY! I don"t want that #$%@% stinking up for a week all summer long
Warren Frank January 18, 2013 at 04:59 PM
If I actually saw some towwn improvements, I might not complain. I am willing to pay for improvement. The downtown has looked the same for 25 years despite numerous wasted money on studies. We are inundated with pizza, nail, dry cleaners and chinese restaurants as no one else wants to open stores in Springfield. (See Summit, Westfield and Millburn). We are one of the last union county towns to get a turf field. Your solution to save the town and save the world is recycle. With that business sense maybe you are in line for the Jets GM job.
Really April 16, 2013 at 07:12 PM
Yes,......I moved to Springfield instead of Cranford because houses were slightly lower in Springfield and taxes were far less in Springfield! Now, I see Springfield has moved passed Cranford with higher taxes and cannot compare the Center of Cranford to Springfield Center. Way to go SPRINGFIELD!!!!
Really April 16, 2013 at 07:14 PM
You can add another HUGE Condo/Housing development behind the old Holiday INN/Johnny Knapkins (probably soon to be torned down and made into more housing)!
Really April 16, 2013 at 07:17 PM
Maybe YOU need some Wine to taste the cheese (or smell the coffee)! Terrible Sewage and flooding after every storm throughout Springfield and taxes go up here after every storm. Since we are down to 1 garbage day a week and less recycling.... So Wine bottles will overflow......coffee cans as well.....heyyy 2 thumbs up....buddy.


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