Hundreds Watch Shuttle Fly By [VIDEO]

Space Shuttle Enterprise flew over the Hudson on top a Boeing 747 on Friday morning.

Hundreds of people witnessed the Space Shuttle Enterprise's last ride ever, along the Hoboken waterfront on Friday morning. 

From Hoboken High School students to employees of waterfront businesses to long-time space program fans and admirers: everybody gathered to watch the shuttle go by. And when it did, applause and cheers broke out.

The shuttle flew by around 10:30 and went up the Hudson River. A few minutes later, the shuttle returned in opposite direction, flying back to John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Adam Barenblat, a 27-year-old Hobokenite arrived by the waterfront around 9 a.m. on Friday to catch a good shot of the shuttle. 

"I loved it since I was a kid," Barenblat said. "I went to space camp twice." 

The enterprise will be on permanent display at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on Manhattan. 

"We're watching history," said Gerry Benedict, who manages the Chock full O'nuts in downtown Hoboken. 

"It's just exciting to see it," Benedict, a self proclaimed Star Trek fan, said.  

Nathan Edwards, a freshman at Stevens Institute of Technology, said he was very impressed by the shuttle, as well as the fact that so many people cared about it.

"How many times in your life," Edwards, 18, said, "do you get to see a shuttle on a boeing 747 fly by over your head?"

Did you see the shuttle fly by?  Take any pictures?  Upload them above or comment below.


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