Union County Municipalities Exceeding 'Flow Rights' May Face Fines

Multiple municipalities in Union County have been exceeding their share of sewage flow rights and the Rahway Valley Sewage Authority (RVSA)  has had enough, according to unionnewsdaily.com

Starting Oct. 1, the RVSA may enforce a contract written in 1995 - meaning fines for those who surpass their flow right limits, according to unionnewsdaily.com

Read more here http://unionnewsdaily.com/news/county/rvsa-wants-towns-to-know-their-flow-rights

Ed Minall June 25, 2014 at 04:49 PM
What the article attached to the link failed to explain is that I&I (Infiltration and Inflow) studies can be performed. The studies are typically performed late winter/early spring when the groundwater levels are the highest. Cameras are sent through the sewer lines to record any groundwater infiltrations into the pipe. The locations are noted and repairs will follow whether trenched, or trenchless is a function of access, extents, costs etc. Typically it is groundwater, not stormwater, that infiltrates a sanitary sewer system. Examples of stormwater inflow will be a broken sewer lateral clean out at the ground surface, or a sump pump connection. Smoking the laterals will indicate if there are any ground surface inflows. Habitual violators of exceeding the flow limits should be required to perform I&I studies. The study results will indicate the cause of high flow rates and determine whether, or not repairs will be required. If the limits are being exceeded due to new development, then that Town should be entitled to renegotiate a new daily flow limit. I think allowing an habitual Town to compensate high I&I levels by buying other’s reserve flow limits, without performing an I&I study, is unacceptable and shouldn’t be allowed. Any I&I issues should be addressed and repaired ASAP for they will only lead to bigger issues i.e. sinkholes, sewer backups etc. In addition, the unnecessary treating of storm water isn’t good for the environment. The treated stormwater wastes energy and requires more treatment since the actual sanitary sewerage “bugs” are diluted.


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