Westfield Art Association to Sponsor Westfield Art Galleries Show and Sale as Fundraiser for Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad

Three-day show and sale begins Friday, Dec. 14.

In appreciation of the dedication by the members of the Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad to their continuing six-decade mission of providing medical assistance to all in need, most recently during Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath, the Westfield Art Association (WAA) will hold a three-day Westfield Art Galleries Show and Sale as a fundraiser from Friday to Sunday, December 14-16, to benefit the Rescue Squad. A commission to the WAA on all sales will be donated in its entirety to the Rescue Squad.

Four Westfield Art Galleries will have many of their finest artists represented.  Artworks in this eclectic collection of subject matters, styles, genres, and media will truly provide multiple pieces to suit everyone’s taste in fine art.

Evalyn Dunn Gallery, founded in 1958 by Evalyn and Benjamin Dunn to import oil paintings from Europe and still a true family institution, is operated today by their younger daughter Jaclyn Civins. Among the gallery’s artists anticipated to be represented in the show are Stephanie Amato, Natalia Bessonova, Lorraine Robertson, Jessica Hedrick, Ron Hedrick, John Reilly, Mary Johnston, Murray Smith, Kate Faust, Ginny Joyner, Patrick Antonelle, and Jessica Wasilewski.  Ricardo Roig is expected to unveil his latest work in the Westfield Series during the Artists’ Reception.

Galeria West, operated by Gerardo “Gerry” Verdugo, is a gallery that not only exhibits artwork but several times a month melds the finest in both visual art and music as it becomes the stage for Latin musicians, singers, and dancers whose excitingly intense performances regularly draw capacity audiences. Among Galeria West’s artists expected to be represented in the show are Magno Laracuente, Veronique Hahn, Jeanine Baum and Diana Cammack.

Juxtapose Gallery is a well-established multimedia home to fine art that has been operated in the center of Westfield for many years by Gerri Gildea. Juxtapose’s artists expected to be represented in the show include Helen Frank, Trish Hurley, Patrick Antonelle, and Ingrid Hunt. Also, among wonderful collectibles to be offered at the show are a Wychwood map and an old Westfield poster.

River Mill Art Gallery is operated by the team of Michael Chan and Yi Yin, husband and wife, photographer and painter. Artists represented by River Mill who will be in the show include Gail Winbury, Mark Saenger, and Norman Rockwell protégé and colleague, Joseph Csatari. Yi Yin will exhibit her iconic 1989 portrait of President Ronald Reagan with his dog Rex.


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