Gift Guide: Toys For $25 or Less

The holidays don't have to drain your bank account. There are plenty of ways to get More For Less locally.

You don't have to break the bank to make your kids happy this holiday season. There are plenty of $25 and under gifts they can be excited about.

Mini Polka Dot Piggy Banks by Elegant Baby: These mini pigs in eye-catching colors can be paired with some coins to make a fun keepsake for a child. A toddler will entertain him/herself for hours by putting the money in and shaking it. They can be personalized too, a smart way to teach a toddler to recognize his/her name.  $25, Poppyfields Home in Westfield.

First Pops Pop Beads: A jar of 14 pieces that stack and pop together for baby. It's bright, vibrant, educational and looks like a lot of gift for the money. $16.99, Learning Express in Westfield.

Dinosaur Stamp Sets: My kids can't get enough of anything they can imprint with ink! The set, by Melissa and Doug, is $9.99 at Learning Express in Westfield. There's also a "Friend" and "Horses" set.

Make-Your-Own Puppets: These whimsical monster puppets by Melissa & Doug have interchangeable eyes, ears and other parts. They're the bigger, softer kid version of Mr. Potato Head. $20, .

Groovy Scrapbook Kit: it includes the scrapbook and all of the accessories. It's a great deal considering what individual supplies go for at the big chain stores. It's made by Alex. $19.99, Learning Express in Westfield.

Bananagrams by Bananagram: It's scrabble without the board, and the pieces come in a travel size banana pouch. "Fast & Fun" according to Summit's Seal & Co. owner Eric Model. The game is part of a series of Fruit Word Games, including Pairs in Pears and Appletters, geared towards the younger player. They travel great. $15.99 at Seal & Co in Summit. 

B-I-N-G-O Cage: like the old tournament play Bingo sets back in the day, this set comes complete with number balls in a round metal cage. It's fun for kids to spin around and read off the numbers, especially those just learning their letters and numbers. There's a much more expensive wooden model at Restoration Hardware for $69,   but this is exactly the same idea. $5, Five Below in Springfield.

WII accessories: If they're getting the WII this holiday, and you want to accessorize at low cost, there are authentic WII products for $5 at Five Below in Springfield.  

Video Games: Game Boy Advance, Xbox 360, Playstation II Sonic and Leapster never seemed so cheap. At Five Below in Springfield, you can find legitimate games for $5.


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