Westfield Entrepreneurs Brings Home National Award

The team behind Westfield-based HATCHEDit.com was recognized but the National Association of Professional Organizers.

According to the old saying, "necessity is the mother of invention' and in the case of the award-winning social networking site Hatchedit.com mothers invented something they deemed a necessity.

When Megan Brown of Westfield and Kirsten Bischoff of Springfield launched the site, a free virtual family calendar, they knew they were on to something. But the two were pleasantly surprised to have been the recipients of the Organizers' Choice for Best Tech Product Award by National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

"The NAPO attendees at their annual conference were so nice," Bischoff said. "It was our first conference and we couldn't have been happier to have picked that one to start with because we had such a great time - and attendees were so focused on asking us questions and giving us insights into what ways we could help their clients and what additions they would like to see us make. We were thrilled to win their Organizers Choice Award." 

HATCHEDit.com is an interactive calendar designed to help the family CEO manage the business of their family. HATCHEDit.com strives to help families achieve a better work-life balance. 

"We wanted to take that area of every kitchen - where the family calendar, picture board, and other important information is stored - and mobilize it," said Bischoff in a press release following receiving the award. 

The site distinguishes itself by allowing members to share calendars with other members at various levels of privacy.

"For example, my parents - who help out a lot with picking up my daughter from afterschool activities - can see certain event types on my calendar," she said. 

Bischoff said she and Brown are learning as they go. 

"Our biggest surprise has probably been the realization that Hatchedit as a site is a living thing that needs constant tweaking and updating," she said. "There is no 'finished product' when you are a tech company."

To that end, the duo is not about to become complacent following their recent win. The two are constantly thinking of new ways to make life easier and more convenient for busy parents on the go.

"Since we launched in September we have developed a free Android app and this week have launched our free iPhone app, which is really exciting," Bischoff said. "Now our site, a mobile whiteboard for managing your personal and family life, is truly mobile."

Bischoff explained that the mobile apps are creating a higher level of interaction from users. Not only is Bischoff the creator of the product, she's also a satisfied customer.

"I'm personally thrilled because we have a blogroll that you can load with your favorite news and blog feeds and I love scrolling through those when I'm waiting in the afterschool car line," she said.

It's full steam ahead for Brown and Bischoff who left behind careers as an executive at JP Morgan and a senior editor at a hedge fund trade publication, respectively.

"We have big plans in the pipeline, which include some new tools for managing families on our site as well as a few other exciting things," Bischoff explained. "But right now we're focused on April. We hope it will be a big month now that we have both major phone app platforms running - and because SnappCloud - the built in app market on Toshiba devices chose us to be one of only 200+ curated apps, hand picked to be available for Toshiba tablet users."


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