Video: Musicians Wail At Sam Ash Music Clinic

Guitar Hero Rich Roger and Company Gives Instrument Clinic in Springfield

It may have been a long road trip for guitarist Rich Roger and company, slogging through four hours of traffic from their home turf in Connecticut to the Sam Ash Music store in Springfield. But the attendees of this concert /technical clinic were more than glad for their arrival, and Rogers seemed to appreciate the welcome they deserved.

While comparisons are arguably difficult to make, Roger's signature guitar vurtuosity, backed by his hard-driving rythym and chord combinations fingered on the high pitched end of the bottom of the neck, he could easily stage with the likes of Steve Vai, Jeff Beck or Stevie Ray Vaughan.

The energetic and enthusiastic frontmen, bassist Vincent Bockius, keyboard player Sal Grillo and thundering drummer Greg Trabandt, grabbed the audience and store staff with their humor, unity and passion. They played and shared their technical acumen,  opening their toolbags revealing their favorite custom items while demonstrating to the audience what makes each of their instruments produce their personally developed sound.

Store Sales Manager Ermes Sorondo and staff members, engage top performers to come to Sam Ash to provide music clinics for neophytes and professionals,  providing insight and inspiration of the latest technical and practical resources available.

Keep an eye out for future clinics at Sam Ash,  and definitely check out Rich Roger's amazing sound on his latest release "The Remnant Remains."



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