Security USA Expands to New Jersey

The most progressive security services company in New York City, Security USATM, is expanding its services to cover more of New Jersey.  Following the recent launch of their Long Island office, Security USATM is expanding their presence in New Jersey, bringing cutting edge security solutions to more of the tri-state area.

Security USATM began as a boutique security services company in the wake of the attacks of September 11th, 2001.  Founder Rami Hahitti, a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces Special Services unit, watched in horror, along with the rest of New York and the whole world, as the terrible events of the day unfolded.  Having been on the front lines of the never ending battle against terrorism in Israel, he knew there was a better way to safeguard people and property, while maintaining a vibrant, open society.  He was determined to use the knowledge he gained protecting the country of his birth to protect the people of America in a private setting.  Security USATM was the product of that determination.

It's been more than a decade since the attacks and the founding of Security USATM, and the company has grown exponentially. Mr. Hahitti brought on David Boehm, a retired NYPD Lieutenant and their varied backgrounds meshed perfectly to help them create the kind of security plans that are responsive yet unobtrusive and cost effective as well.  Together, they manage the growing security force that safeguards some of the most sensitive facilities in the New York area.

The hallmarks of Security USATM have been their unflagging dedication to customer service and their constant pursuit of the best in security technology.  By consistently staying on top of the latest developments in security technology, they are able to recommend the surveillance, access and other systems that would be most valuable to their clients and can be used to bring costs down by providing optimal security with a smaller payroll.  Many of their clients report larger profits after engaging Security USATM because of reduced losses due to shoplifting, pilferage and vandalism, and tax credits and rebates for technology they installed, offsetting the cost of hiring them.

The most recent additions to their technology toolbox include facial recognition software that can compare images of visitors to a database of known criminals or other unwanted individuals, and a virtual doorman program which replaces the front door attendant with a lower cost automated system that provides comparable security.  These advances are allowing Security USATM to continue their rapid expansion throughout the northeast, much to the benefit of businesses located there.

Security USATM is a security guard company with offices in midtown Manhattan and Long Island, providing quality security services to educational, commercial, residential and personal clients throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties, New Jersey, Connecticut and the entire northeast.  They can be reached at 1-866GUARD80.  www.securityusa.info


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