Flood Waters Drive First Aid Squad out of Headquarters

Squad has set up camp in evacuation station at JDHS.

In response to rising waters around their headquarters, Springfield's First Aid Squad vacated their headquarters last night. 

They have set up a temporary shelter at Jonathan Dayton High School where they are working to support the Office of Emergency Management. 

The First Aid Squad headquarters is on Trivett Ave., near Springfield Town Hall and in an area where flooding was anticipated. Yesterday, Springfield police issued a temporary order . 

Springfield's police department was forced to relocated to the basement of the Sarah Bailey Center during Hurricane Floyd in 1999. They now have use of an . 


The first aid squad had to leave their building and move to the High School during the night due to rising water around their building. Currently, the First Aid Squad is supporting the Office of Emergency Management at the High School where we have set up a temporary shelter


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