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Photos: Long Lines at Local Gas Stations

Local residents looking to fuel up cars and generators hit route 22 gas tanks.

With Springfield residents relying on gas-fueled generators and using their cars for heat and mobile device charging, gas is in high demand in the Springfield area. 

Long lines are forming at stations, with customers bringing their cars and cannisters to route 22 stations. 

Bob Groder November 01, 2012 at 02:05 AM
i lined up at 11 pm on tuesday night and still had to wait 30 minutes. i drove to bridgewater for dinner late last night and it was eerry to drive all the way home on rt 22 east with all lights out and no uturns working. to make a u-turn you would have to drive 20 miles. i hope things get back to normal soon, i started to see tempers flaring at 1 gas station when i was eating lunch accross the street.
Jim Shamrock November 02, 2012 at 10:59 AM
Well, day 5 of blackout post-storm...went out Out for gas at 4A.M. and lines were backed up passed Milltown Rd to wait for gas station on 22 W. To open 3 hrs. Later! I turned around and went home. The Movie Mad Max comes to mind. If the state doesn't regulate these stations....I'd hate to see what happens. Disgusted!


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