Springfield Week in Review

A look back at the notable goings on in the township in recent days.

Springfield Officials Decide on 2013 Garbage and Recycling Collection Schedule

After debate from members of the public and officials, the Springfield township committee voted to have weekly garbage and recycling pickups. Residents were split on the proposal to reduce garbage pickup from a twice weekly to a weekly schedule. While some thought the change would be a painless way to encourage more recycling, others worried that less frequent garbage collection would cause smells and attract rodents, particularly in warmer months.

Springfield Republicans Contest Election

Alleging issues with absentee ballots, electronic voting and former residents voting illegally, Springfield Republicans have filed an official contest of election with Superior Court.

Firefighters Battle Blaze on Garden Oval

Springfield firefighters were able to quickly contain a car fire that spread to an attached garage and prevent serious injuries. 



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