All-Weather Parenting: Bundling Up And Getting Out

Winter is no excuse for parents to stay inside.

Hey Moms and Dads. Tired of the Playdoh and other indoor games? Have you noticed your pants aren't as roomy as they used to be? Is the stroller collecting dust in a corner? Get your hat and layers on; it's time to venture outside.

For our family, it seems like winter won't end. Our time outdoors is limited by our "newly mobile" 10-month old.  If you've had the pleasure of enduring the toddler phase up to 2 years old, you'll understand the challenge of taking your children into the world.  They're not happy in the stroller and want to be independent. But you're scared they're going to swallow a woodchip or take a spill. 

I've enjoyed the playground at Walton, which is part spongy, part wood-chip, but if you want to travel a few more minutes into Summit, there is a great place to play for your crawlers, Wilson Park's hidden playground (by the school on Beekman Terrace). It has a great surface for crawlers but only open after 3 p.m. for the public. 

Diaper changing in the winter climate can also be quite a feat which is one of the reasons we usually stay close to home and end up walking around our neighborhood on the circle of Derby Road on the south side of Springfield.  Last fall  ventured outside and enjoyed a couple brisk days with a bundled up baby at Briant Park which is split between Springfield and Summit. It's also a great place to go sledding with the little ones.

When I am able to get out without the kids, and on my sporadic health kicks I'll take my iPod filled with tunes and run on the track on Meisel. Right next to that track when it isn't flooded just take the bigger outdoor loop for a change of pace.  Now if only I can escape getting sick and that motivation will strike me, maybe I'll make it out. 

Look forward to seeing you around town, and I'd love to hear what your favorite strolling spots are!


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