Letter to the Editor: More Sanity Needed From Drivers

Patch reader noticed safer driving in hurricane but worries drivers have returned to bad habits.

During and immediately following Superstorm Sandy drivers in New Jersey (at least in Union County) seemed to driving with a little more sanity and courtesy than they normally do. 

Now that Sandy has gone away they have returned to their old habits.

During recent rainstorms and our snow this month I saw many driving without their headlights on. Also, while driving from Springfield through Summit to my job in New Providence, recently, I was cut off by two drivers exiting driveways and stop streets on Mountain Avenue, Springfield, and by two drivers in Summit who completely disregarded stop signs.

I also have been tailgated several times. It is time for NJ drivers to abandon their maniacal and reckless habits. If they don't, law enforcement should be stepped up and fines should be levied heavily until the message is received and obeyed. We will all be safer if this is done. Comment as you see fit!!

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