Red Light Cameras Are For Our Safety

 Re: A recent front page story in a local daily newspaper on red-light cameras. If we follow the "logic" of that daily newspaper of publishing the intersections with the most red light camera violations, then why not publish a complete list of banks in the state with the most security? That way robbers will know which banks they should target next. Why not publish a list of roads where drivers have been cited most often for reckless driving or hitting pedestrians? This way those who drive recklessly or hit pedestrians will know which roads to target and which ones to avoid? BTW--In the story I noted the newspaper only quoted those opposed to red light cameras or the vendors who profit from their installation. Why didn't the paper quote drivers, like me, who support this enforcement? Yes, I did receive a summons on one of those violations. I thought it was totally wrong, but upon reviewing the video that was linked to my summons I saw it was justified and paid my fine. If drivers don't want to get fined they should just not commit the violation. Also, are those opposed to the cameras willing to pay the costs of added traffic enforcement officers and leave it up to their discretion and eyesight about who gets a ticket? Or do they, as I suspect, just want our roads to be like the Wild Wild West with no enforcement, everyone doing as they pleased and the poor victims be damned? Since my stance was obviously opposite that of the newspaper in question, however, as in the past, my letter was not published in said daily newspaper. Since an intersection in Springfield was quoted as that with the second highest number of tickets issued in the state I have chosen this forum in which to raise this issue.
BART FRAENKEL December 30, 2013 at 03:39 PM
When the topic of 'Red Light Camera's' was first discussed by the TC, it was considered a method of creating better public safety by the governing body. In fairness, there were opponents of the camera's who felt it would have the opposite affect and result in people speeding thru the intersections or slamming on their brakes to avoid getting caught while the light changed. It was not suppose to be a revenue generating proposition. I would like to know if the yellow light at the Maple and Morris Ave intersection is timed the same as the other lights in Springfield. I've driven thru the light many times and to my untrained (and untimed) eye, it seems to change much quicker than at other lights. If that is the case, then I would strongly suggest something be done about it. If it is not the case, I would ask the current governing body to make a public statement that put's that argument to rest because many local residents have expressed the same concern.
Bob Faszczewski December 30, 2013 at 05:08 PM
Any careful driver should not be trying to "beat" a light by "speeding through" an intersection. If you are using the right amount of care you should be prepared to stop in case any light changes and there should be no reason to slam on your brakes. But, of course, on our Wild West roadways rules of the road go out the window in favor of "I make my own rules--the hell with the law."
BART FRAENKEL December 31, 2013 at 01:22 PM
That was my argument originally when this was first brought before the TC, but in reality we know that at some point while driving everyone finds themselves in more of a rush, and at those times, they push the limits. I really don't believe NJ has Wild West roadways as you (Bob) have described them. Beyond that, my concern is that drivers have an innate ability or inner clock where they are use to the yellow light staying on a certain amount of time. If the timing at this particular intersection is quicker than anywhere else in town, that in itself could cause a problem.


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