Sledding In and Around Springfield: A User's Guide

In anticipation of this weekend's snowfall, here's a guide to the best places around for kids to slip down slopes.

Besides making more trips to the gym this year, and trying out Sofia's, the new Italian restaurant on Morris Ave.,  one of my goals this year is to embrace the present. For winter, that means dealing with the cold and making the best of it.

And that means sledding!  Ok, so only one of the three kids actually like it, but what is a family without the challenges of differing ages and conflicting opinions? My absolute favorite place to go sledding is Echo Lake (Mountainside) off Mill Road.  Why?

  1. Bathroom Some people may argue that South Mountain Reservation has the better hill, but with 2 kids who give me the least warning for a bathroom break, Echo Lake has them and South Mountain doesn't.
  2. Close to Home If you live in Cranford or Springfield, you can't beat the location.  When you are done, stop in Cranford at the family friendly Office for a bite to eat.
  3. Hay Bales Cushion the Blow Worried about crashing into a tree? Union County was nice enough to line up the trees with hay bales and the end of the slopes.

Too Steep?

Try Briant Park in nearby Summit bordering Springfield. One mom told me she prefers this with her little ones.  I've talked about Bryant Park in my Bundle up and Walk post, earlier. 

Need a Bigger Hill?

South Mountain is steeper, and if you really want a tubing experience, I've taken the trip with friends to Camelback, PA, definitely a day trip. 

If you can't stand winter check out an indoor winter park for a day trip.  Sahara Sams, in West Berlin, NJ keeps their indoor water oasis a balmy 84 degrees.  We're hoping to try Sahara Sams or maybe Coco Key, (check out this mom's review) for our hot weather fix.  You may want to get yours too, since Spring weather is approximately 40 days away.

Fred February 06, 2010 at 04:51 PM
Actually, Briant part is part in Summit and part in Springfield, as mentioned here: http://home.att.net/~briantpark/ and easily confirmed on Zillow (best site I know for seeing town borders). Although I do believe the place where kids sled is in Summit.


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