Election Update

Springfield will get final results of election on Monday, Nov. 19.

Springfield's 2012 election remains a work in progress. 

A week after election day, Union County Board of Elections Deputy Administrator Joanne Arena said her office is still in process of getting it all together.

Arena said they have 102 provisional ballots so far. Of them, 63 have been accepted and 39 have been rejected. She said that they were still waiting for provisional ballots from other counties to roll in and estimated that there would be between 150 and 175 in total. 

Those ballots are currently sealed in envelopes that will be opened and counted on Monday, Nov. 19 at the Board of Elections office in Elizabeth.

That does not include the ballots sent in to the county by fax or email, which Arena said have not yet been counted. 

There's no way to predict the results of the votes, particularly with regards to the Springfield municipal race. While people who voted remotely could not vote directly in their local elections, they were allowed to write in candidates' names. That assumes a knowledge of local races officials and election watchers doubt is widespread. 

The Springfield election was very close and the late-counted ballots are expected to be a deciding factor. With 3173 David Barnett garnered the most absentee and regular polling place votes.  At 3141 and 3129, respectively, only 12 votes separate incumbent Republican Jerry Fernandez from Democratic challenger Margaret Bandrowski. 

The County Clerk's office said the votes are currently set to be certified on Nov. 21, but that the certification may be pushed back. 

Bob Groder November 15, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Logic seeker the only plot was in my opinion the republicans reorganizing the BOH and then getting rid of westfield last night & agreeing to enter into a negotiation with Madison without ANY public comment until AFTER the vote was taken. This isnt how I want my government to represent me. I pay the taxes which fund the government & should have been allowed to speak before the vote was taken. In my opinion it was done for political reasons. If even 1 springfield resident gets sick because of of the switch to Madison about to take place I hope the people responsible can live with themselves. They refused to listen to reason or the public until after it was too late. I am proud to say im an independent & vote both ways depending on the people and issues. I never stick with 1 party forever.
Bob Groder November 15, 2012 at 07:20 PM
I totally agree logic seeker with the exception of 1 thing. unfortunately the BOH refused to allow a probationary period so whatever deal will get done is the deal springfield will have to live with. All I wanted was an escape clause in case Madison doesnt perform to the high standards we came to expect from Westfield. Ie. when i needed a flu shot in september before a trip to the west coast Megan from the westfield health dept. opened up her office for me and 3 others with a special session for those who couldnt make the flu clinic. With Madison its an unknown how they will habdle flu shots. Time will tell. I still feel putting a vote without ANY public input is a joke and not how our forfathers intended the country to be run. We didnt get any due process.
Shane Ronan November 17, 2012 at 05:52 PM
Curious why you needed to go all the way to Westfield for a flu shot? CVS in town offers flu shots as well, still free if you have health insurance, otherwise $35.00 Further, if we had given Madison a "probationary" period, what would happen if we tried to opt out mid-year? Would we be able to find another Department of Health to pick us up mid-year, would this even be legal?
Bob Groder November 19, 2012 at 05:19 PM
Shane i paid 10.00 in westfield thats why. Why should I pay 35.00 at CVS in springfield? I can go to any drug store and pay 35.00 but if we have a health dept. which offers it for 10.00 for people without insurance that covers it why not go for it? Even my own Dr. who does take my health insurance I have a 30.00 copay. Any health Dept. ( Madison included which I just found out is supposed to offer it also) who offers 10.00 for its citizens is a plus in my book. I will go to madison next year if they offer the same service. Not all of us are lucky enough to have it covered by their health insurance. In my case its not covered except if I go to my primary care physician. ps all the way to westfield was all of 10 minutes and Megan opened up her office for people who couldnt make the flu clinics which were scheduled in town.
Bob Groder November 19, 2012 at 05:26 PM
Also Shane to address your question about an opt out im sure the town wouldnt be stupid enough to opt out of any contract without having a backup plan. I spoke to Megan after the BOH meeting and she told me they would gladly come back next year under a new administration. As a tax paying citizen I just want whats good overall for the town without sacrificing services so I asked. Why do you defend Madison so much when noone knows how good they will perform? I dont look at this as a political issue but the republicans do and as its fairly obvious we will never agree on this issue. Dont forget im neither a republican or democrat. You are right on 1 issue though I am not a lawyer so I dont know what the laws are regarding opt outs. I just found it hypocritical that the BOH would put in an opt out against many peoples wishes with Westfield whom we worked with for about a doezn years but refuse to put one in under any new contract especially when entering into a new business arrangment with a town we have zero history with in Madison.


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