H1N1 Clinic at Dayton

Clinic is open to all.

The Westfield Regional Health Department holds an H1N1 flu vaccination clinic tonight at 5 p.m. at at Jonathan Dayton High School.

The clinic, one of a series being run by the regional department, will be held for three hours. The department serves eight communities in western Union County and is based in Westfield.

The clinic is open to any resident who wishes to seek a vaccine. The phramaceutical companies have producted enough vaccine for the public after an order from the federal government to ramp up production.

Early on the shortage in the amount of vaccine put limits on who the vaccine was being targeted at. While there was no prohibition on those outside the targeted popuation receiving the vaccine, it was being encouraged for the group at large.

Health Officer Megan Avallone said the crisis is not over. She said that in past years the flu did not historically hit New Jersey in a heavy amount until January and February. She encouraged residents to receive the vaccine because of this.

Because the vaccine is federally funded, Avallone said there is no requirement that those seeking it at tonight's clinic need to live in the area served by the regional public health agency. Federal guidelines allow any resident to receive the vaccine at any clinic. There is no cost for the clinic.

Avallone urges residents to consult with their health care provider if they have questions on whether they should receive the vaccine.


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