Updated: Major Power Outages in Springfield

Increasingly large percentages of residents without power.

Just after 7 p.m., the magic number from JCP&L's power outage map was 1,412. 

By 7:45, it was 2,694. Forty five minutes later, the number had risen to 3613.

With winds gaining speed and force, the number of reported power losses in Springfield has doubled. The number of residents without power, is in line with neighboring communities such as Millburn and Summit, who are likewise experiencing major power outages. 

Reports from Springfield residents of power outages, presumably made on cell phones and tablets, are popping up throughout social media platforms. People are reporting power going out and coming back on again and, in some cases, going dark for extended periods of time. Springfield residents are taking to twitter with messages like "And there goes my power!!! #thissucks #thankssandy" and "Poof. And just like that darkness. Very happy I picked up a generator that last time we had a 100 year storm."

Another reader reports that power has been out on Milltown Road since 8 p.m. Power is also reported down at Archbridge lane, Tooker Ave., Battle Hill Ave, Warner Ave, Park Place and Ashwood Ave. 

Several Patch readers reported seeing the afterglow of blown power transformers on Route 22 and the intersection of Shunpike and Mountain Aves.

In a message shared on Facebook, Springfield Mayor Ziad Shehady wrote that are major power disruptions and surges in Springfield and warned of"transformers popping, blowing, arcing" and "lines down."

Power keeps coming in and out," Shehady wrote. "That's the norm and probably will keep happening. Trees are down, energized lines are down, sparks and fires throughout. Expect widespread outages."

Toni-Ann Lueddecke October 30, 2012 at 11:37 AM
The sky had an Eire blue from exploding transformers last night. It was the most scared I have been that I remember. The sound was like a train coming through our apartment. Darkness never seemed do black!


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