New Public Trash and Recycling Receptacles For Township

New refuse cans are eye-catching and, even better, free.

Signs throughout the township proclaim, "Springfield just got a little greener." No, Kermit the Frog hasn't moved onto Mountain Ave. The extra kick of green is a result of the structures the signs are mounted on.

Springfield's government has entered into a partnership with Creative Outdoor Advertising to install a number of trash and recycling receptacles throughout the township. Creative Outdoor Advertising, is a "streetscaping" company, and have created bus stops, park benches, and outdoor refuse receptacles for over 60 municipalities.

The receptacles have a large display advertising space, which is how Creative Outdoor Advertising hopes to profit from the deal. Springfield Township Administrator Anthony Cancro said the company will contact potential sponsors and sell advertising space.

The township will receive part of the advertising proceeds, but the greater value to Springfield is the free installation of prominent, aesthetically pleasing refuse containers.

"It doesn't cost us a penny," Cancro said.  


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