Opinion: Civics 101

Committee member Bandrowski responds to fellow official Ziad Shehady's criticism of professional contracts.

At Springfield's Township Committee re-organization meeting on Jan. 1, Committeeman Ziad Shehady caused a bit of a stir by claiming irregularities involving the approval of several resolutions authorizing the awarding of contracts to six professionals to be employed by the township in 2013.

Mr. Shehady voted against the resolutions, claiming no one had seen the actual contracts nor was there a COAF (Certificate of Available Funds) to cover the costs. This last, in fact, has been issued and was irrelevant to the resolutions themselves.

A review of the documents may clear up any questions. The form of the resolution is the same for each position and clearly states its purpose is to authorize the drawing up of a contract between the Township Committee and the professional it is intending to employ.

Part of the process of the Reorganization is for the Committee to approve the nomination of the professional. As clearly stated in the Resolution itself, Local Public Contracts Law NJSA40-A:11-1 et seq. "requires a resolution authorizing the award of a contract, etc."

First the professional must be approved by the Committee, then the resolution publicly authorizing the drawing of a contract must be passed, then the contract can be drawn up confirming the details. Last year's contract between the Township and Jeffrey Lehrer for legal services was not done until July. To insist on seeing the contracts prior to having the necessary approvals is a classic case of putting the cart before the horse.

The procedure as observed was not only perfectly proper, it was legally required, and is exactly the same order of events that has been followed for years, including Mr. Shehady's time on the committee as member and chair. 

I hope this explanation of the process, made clear by a simple reading of the resolutions themselves and past practices, rebuts any accusations of impropriety made at the January 1 meeting.

Shore Girl January 06, 2013 at 06:28 PM
LOL!!!! What a joke of a town!!!!!!!!!
Warren Frank January 07, 2013 at 04:53 PM
You have some nerve talking about Ziad and aliases. Look what you are hiding behind anonimous. If Ziad is doing what you say he is wrong, but you are no better. Just like the pot calling the kettle black. Warren Frank
The Voice of Reason January 18, 2013 at 02:09 AM
Mr. Shehady's slimy politics again. Mr Shehady knows the process. He was grandstanding and made a pitiful attempt cast doubt on the competence of the new TC.He is taking advantage of the public who might not know that the resolution was to approve the first step in the process, authorizing that contracts be written. Of course no one read them before they voted. They didn't exist!! When they are written, every member of the TC should not only read them, they better scrutinize them. This is slimy politics on Mr. Shehady's part.
DaJo January 18, 2013 at 02:43 AM
Voice your tantrums are childish. Youre just regurgitating what Bandrowski wrote (are you Bandrowski) or likely what the puppetmaster Bergen wrote (maybe your Bergen) or are you Amlen? How nasty can you get? Not only that but Shehady explained how it really works. http://springfield.patch.com/blog_posts/bandrowski-resorts-to-shameful-politics Guess you didn't read that? He even gave facts and gave a copy of the resolution instead of just name-calling and lying like you and Bandrowksi. The resolution doesn't say anything about "when they are written". If that is how the process works, and that was just the "first step" why didn't any of the democrats say that at the meeting? In fact, Bandrowski lied on record when he asked and she said she read it. Then she looked to the puppets and they told her no so she changed her story. If she is so smart to give a lesson in civics why didn't she say that at the meeting instead of looking so confused. To top it off, Amlen was clueless too. He said the Administrator and CFO read it which they admitted they didn't. So he didn't know the process either after 2 years to explain it. It seems this "process" was created after they messed up. This is slimy politics on your part and their part.
a January 18, 2013 at 03:00 AM
dana you have no clue what you are talking about. not only is shehady a phony he did the same exact thing on january 1, 2012. its standard procedure that the party in charge hires their own attorney to work with. on january 1 in the 2012 reorganization shahady was named mayor and he promptly named attorneys with no contracts being signed. this makes him a hypocrite. in addition what shehady did was more shady as he added over 80,000.00 to the attorneys bills at the end of the calendar year to stick it to the democrats. this is on the record when he changed the amendment to add money to the budget for attorneys which were his republican choice. now the democrats are running it so they chose their own attorney. it goes both ways dana. it seems you look through rose colored glasses.


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