Springfield Republicans File for Recount

Paperwork filed in court on Friday, Dec. 7.

Springfield Republicans have requested a recount.

Following a close election marked by unusual circumstances due to Tropical Storm Sandy, Springfield Republicans have asked the courts to once again go over the ballots. 

In an announcement on the party's official website, Springfield Republicans said they filed paperwork with the Superior Court of New Jersey in Union County requesting a recount of the ballots cast for the four candidates for Township Committee.

The Union County Board of Elections certified the results on Nov. 26, 2012. David Barnett and Margaret Bandrowski were declared winners by a narrow margin, with Bandrowski has beating incumbent Jerry Fernandez by five votes.

In the announcement, the Republicans note that since election day, the unofficial election results have changed. In addition, the Republicans contend that voters have come forward with concerns about voting irregularities and that ballots cast by mail, fax and email have caused variations in the final count.

“We owe it to the voters to ensure the accuracy of the results,” Springfield Republican Committee Chairman Harold Poltrock said in the announcement.  "More than 7,000 residents voted this year. While there was a difference of nearly 700 votes in Springfield at the top of the ticket for the presidential race, just five votes affect the outcome of the local results."

Candidates for Township Committee Jerry Fernandez and Marc Krauss issued a joint statement.

“When such a small number of votes will decide who takes office for the next three years, this recount is important to verify the results so residents have confidence in the outcome of this most unusual election," the candidates wrote. "We did not take this decision lightly but we hope this process is quickly concluded to give everyone closure and allow the Township Committee to have a smooth transition into 2013.  We are most grateful to those who stood by us throughout the years and continue to support us.”

A source within the Springfield Democratic Party who requested anonymity because the source is not authorized to speak on behalf of the candidates said the Democrats are aware of the request.  

"While we understand why this request, which is provided for in the election law,  is being done, we are confident that the outcome after the recount will be unchanged," the source said. 

Fernandez and Krauss are represented by attorney James M. Foerst of Spector Foerst & Associates.

Bob Groder December 10, 2012 at 03:56 PM
I do believe that the republicans did the right thing by making sure the vote count was correct. Noone will ever forget what happened in the Al Gore - Bush election with the Florida problem about a dozen years ago. By just rewatching Fahrenheit 9/11 last night it reminded me how important the voting process is and how things can go astray at any time in any election. Now in Springfield of course that type of situation wasnt part of this problem but hurricaine Sandy was responsible for the unusual voting circumstances on election day back on November 6. I personally feel the outcome will stay the same but thats not up to me to judge. I again wish everyone good luck until the recounted results become official. I also didnt get a chance at last weeks township committee meeting to make a statement I was unsure I wanted to say as it wasnt really township business but feel its more appropriate here. I want to wish all the township commitee members and their familes ( current and incoming) a very happy and healthy holiday season. May you all have a happy and healthy new year as well.
BART FRAENKEL December 10, 2012 at 06:32 PM
It is perfectly understandable that a recount be requested given the extremely close final count. I would have liked the article to explain exactly what a recount is and how it is done, and by whom. So, Adam, can you please clarify those things?


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