Springfield Residents Can Register Online for "No Knock" List

With web-based registration, residents can keep door-to-door solicitors away.

Springfield officials announced that residents can register on-line names, address and/or unit/apartment number with the Township Clerk’s Office for the “No Knock List.”

By registering, they are indicating that they do not want persons to approach their homes and/or seek personal contact with the occupants of the registered home. According to an announcement on the official Springfield website, once registered, it shall be unlawful for any peddler, panhandler or solicitor to approach/or seek personal contact with the occupants there if that residence is registered on the “No Knock List.”

Registration on the “No Knock List” expires five years after the end of the calendar year of registration, unless renewed by notifying the Township Clerk’s Office. To register on-line, go to http://springfield-nj.us and look for the Do Not Knock icon.


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