Springfield Hires Temporary Workers Through Government Grant

Crew working to clean parks damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Thanks to a Federal Grant, Springfield is putting people to work cleaning up township parks.

After Hurricane Sandy, Springfield Township Administrator Anthony Cancro successfully applied for a $140,000 federal grant. The money is meant both as a flood clean-up effort and a jobs program. Applicants who were either chronically unemployed or were directly effected by Sandy were given special consideration for the jobs. Two of the nine workers hired under the grant are Springfield residents and all are from Union County.

“Their project is to go to every municipal park and clean up damage by hurricane sandy,” Cancro said.

Since they started working for Springfield, the nine men hired through the grant have cleared felled branches and small trees from water near Alvin Park. In addition, they have cleared debris from Patriot Park and other recreation areas impacted by Sandy.

“The temporary help allows us to get the parks in order for Springfield without neglecting other seasonal work,” Springfield Road Supervisor Robert Boettcher said.

Really April 16, 2013 at 03:33 PM
Mayor Shehady's online article December 2012 stated the Grant was obtained to hire temporary workers for 6 months, up to $12k per worker plus $3,600 in incedentals? It seems I read the workers only worked February-April and 140k bond was obtained and fully utilized??? What was it utilized for?


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