Walton Principal Provides Reminder on Health Procedures

In light of flu season, principal provides information on procedures for absences.

The following was released  by Walton Principal Susie Hung on the school's listserv.


What To Tell The School When You Call the Student Absence Line:

Please speak slowly and clearly.

Provide the following:

  • Child’s first and last name – say it twice slowly
  • Child’s teacher
  • Child's date(s) of absence
  • Reason for absence

If your child is absent due to illness, please be specific when reporting his/her symptom(s).

It is important, especially during flu season, for us to be able to determine absences resulting from similar symptoms. When you tell us that your child “is not feeling well,” we do not have enough information to determine if there is a contagious illness at school resulting in similar symptoms for multiple children. When calling to report an absence, please tell us if your child:

  • Has a fever (and how high it is).
  • Is vomiting, feeling nauseous or has diarrhea
  • Has symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, runny or stuffy nose
  • Has body aches all over
  • Is feeling weak or more tired than usual
  • Has a Headache

Please do not tell us that your child “has the flu” unless your child has been tested for, and diagnosed by a doctor, as having the flu. If your child has been diagnosed by a doctor as having an illness, then please report that fact along with your child’s symptoms.

We wish everyone good health during the winter months, but just in case, here is a helpful link from the CDC on Influenza.




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