Beat the Heat in Springfield

The sun is beating down, but that doesn't mean you have to be beaten down by it: stay cool with these tips.

The National Weather Service predicts that temperatures will remain in the 90s this week. Here some suggestions to beat the heat. 

  • Ice cream and cold treats. 
  • It’s a known fact that ice cream is delicious. And there’s no better time to enjoy it then during a heat-wave. Springfield has multiple options for cold confectionary delights, including ,  and Route 22's recently opened frozen yogurt bar Yo Addiction.
  • Cold Nutrition. When you sweat, you lose more than just water.  offers a number of ways to replenish and restore your body, including a selection of freshly made smoothies and a cooler full of sports and energy drinks.
  • Caffeine Up. Sure, ice cream is great and living healthy is laudable, but adults  still need coffee boosts in hot weather. Springfield’s   locations all offer iced and frozen coffee drinks, as do and .
  • Tall and Frosty. You just can’t beat an ice cold beer on a hot night (or afternoon, for that matter). Springfield has several spots to bend an elbow: , , ,  and the .
  • Get Fit. Need to do some last minute work on the beach body? This is far from an optimal week to go jogging outside. Work up a sweat in a controlled environment in Springfield gyms like , and .
  • Go By the Book. Springfield’s  is an air-conditioned literary oasis, packed with diversions, tables and comfy chairs.
  • Go By the Book, Part II  shares many of Barnes & Noble’s amenities—and offers them for free.
  • Get Reel. We’re at the peak of summer movie season, and  is right across the road on Rte. 22. Click here for movie times.
  • Get Wet.  is open for business. It’s wet, cool and refreshing. Dive in. 


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