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Springfield BID Releases Assessment of Retail Establishments and Market Analysis

The Business Improvement District of Springfield has released a report of the township that includes assessments of commercial properties and businesses and more.


The following information was provided by the Township of Springfield.

The Springfield Business Improvement District has released a market study and retail assessment of Springfield Township.

The study includes visual assessments of commercial properties and businesses within the  Business district, meetings with local stakeholders and merchants, and a consumer survey of  residents and visitors via paper mailers and online.

Over 900 completed the survey  responses—well beyond our goal of 400. Analysis of that data revealed current supply and demand for more than 140  categories of retail.

This report provides an in-depth evaluation of those  economic factors, as well as recommended strategies for revitalization of local commerce. 

To view the report on the Township's website, click here


Shore Girl February 27, 2013 at 06:16 PM
Nothing will ever change!!!!!!!!!!!. But keep paying for studies!!!!!!!
BART FRAENKEL February 27, 2013 at 08:13 PM
The only way anthing will change is if the property owners are willing to invest in their properties. And to do so, they have every right to want their investments to generate additional revenue for them, since the existing properties are currently generating revenue despite their condition. The governing body has to be wililng to allow property owners to build higher (2 stories more) so that additional units can be rented which will result in additional review to justify the outlay made by the owners. And in turn it will create more potential customers for whatever retail businesses decide to locate in town.
CRKnight February 27, 2013 at 09:55 PM
Same goes for the private homes...another level can't hurt. Where's that light rail station for Springfield? How about a small movie theater as well as a bowling alley?
Chrys March 01, 2013 at 02:58 PM
Why can't Downtown be filled with quaint shops, old fashion ice cream parlors with soda fountains and bright decor, charming old fashion dessert & coffee shops with lacey curtains, international cuisine, vintage and antique shops, and perhaps a bowling alley! Township should capitalize on the historical influence Springfield has had in the American Revolutionary War. Let's go from the "forgotten victory" to achieving recognition as a town full of charm. Leave the big business ideas for the Rt. 22 traffic and develop a cohesive plan that invites neighboring towns to spend their $$ here. Take some ideas from Lambertville and towns like it. http://www.lambertville.org
Sharon Davis Katz March 02, 2013 at 01:04 AM
BRAVO, Chrys !!! Many years back, the township comm. would not allow new buildings to be designed/built WITHOUT colonial architecture. In addition, this same township comm. did NOT allow neon signs!!!! Our town is now a mish mash with no theme or direction. If our leaders could not lead or continue to enforce ordinances designed to continue a 'colonial' look, how can we change it now without major architectural expenses? Easily, Morris Ave could have copied the architecture of Palmer Square, with stores and apartments etc. We have the actual area where our Militia stopped the invading British; thus thwarting their attempt to capture Washington in Morristown. This "Forgotten Victory" changed the course of revolutionary events. We should have capitalized on this years ago with a park etc. It is directly behind where the new Italian Hot Dog restaurant is located. How about the small cemetery bordering the shopping center? Jonathan Dayton is buried there. There is so much rich history in this town that is totally ignored. The Hessian soldiers camped and died on Meisel/Riverside. Sadly, not even our children are taught the history of Springfield. Thanks to our historical society, at least, we still have the Cannon Ball House. However, few, if any, are aware of the history of the Swain House on So. Springfield Ave. or of the historical residence on Old Coach Road. Charm and pride in or history is certainly lacking.


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