Press Release: Capital Projects & Infrastructure Improvements Update

Officials provide information on roadwork and parks improvement efforts.

The following is a press release from Springfield's government. 


Capital Projects & Infrastructure Improvements Update

Springfield continues to undergo major transformations this year.  After the initial round of road improvements in the first half of 2012, crews are preparing to begin construction on nearly a dozen more projects before concluding one of the most productive years in Springfield history.

Road improvements will commence Monday, September 10, weather permitting, on the following:  Warner Avenue, Garden Oval, Cain Street (Meisel Avenue to South Maple Avenue), Alden Road and Littlebrook Road.  The installation of new concrete curbing on Meisel Avenue between Linden Avenue and Maple Avenue is tentatively scheduled to begin Monday, September 24.

Union County has agreed to start construction on Shunpike Road and complete Mountain Avenue between Hillside Avenue and Shunpike Road.  They have also agreed to install sidewalk between Linden Avenue and Meisel Avenue Park at our request. Work is scheduled to begin Monday, September 10.  Union County has also provided Springfield with a tentative schedule for the long-awaited Meisel Park Pond Restoration:

 Meisel Park Pond Restoration  - 205 days. 9/7/12 - 6/21/13

  • Prepare Design Plans              6 weeks          9/7/12 - 10/18/12
  • Review                                  2 weeks         10/19/12 - 11/1/12
  • Prepare & Submit Applications for NJDEP & SCD  15 day 11/2/12 - 11/15/12
  •  NJDEP Review                       120 days       11/16/12 - 5/2/13
  •  SCD Review                          30 days        11/16/12 - 12/27/12
  •  SCD Permit Received              0 days         12/28/12 - 12/28/12
  •  NJDEP Permit Received           0 days          5/3/13 - 5/3/13
  •  Prepare Contract Documents   3 weeks        5/3/13 - 5/23/13
  •  Review                                  2 weeks        5/24/13 - 6/6/13
  •  Finalize Contract Documents    2 weeks             6/7/13 - 6/20/13
  •  Advertise for Contractors         0 days             6/21/13 - 6/21/13

Mayor Shehady noted, “These projects mean government is at work.  They are a priority for safety, accessibility and lasting infrastructure stability.  We are committed to moving Springfield forward and residents should be happy to see real progress in the community.”

This follows the successful completion of improvements to Berkeley Road, Midvale Drive, Mapes Avenue, Owaissa Avenue, Lynn Drive, Vista Way, Wabeno Avenue, Briar Hills Circle, Patriot Park, Mountain Avenue sidewalk, Municipal Library sidewalk, Duffy’s Corner Parking Lot, the development of a new First Aid Squad & Municipal Library parking lot and restoration of the Washington Avenue and Marion Avenue dikes.

Melanie Wind September 11, 2012 at 06:33 PM
While it is important that the town is proposing to start work on these street improvements, it is imperative that we have crosswalks put in along Mountain Avenue between Shunpike Road and Sherwood Road. We have many families who cross Mountain Avenue while cars are speeding by. At night it is particularly dangerous.I am aware of two deaths in the past occurring on Mountain Avenue. How many more have to occur before something is done to remedy the situation?
Leila November 25, 2012 at 12:12 AM
In response to the Mayor's statement "We are committed to moving Springfield forward and residents should be happy to see real progress in the community.” I respectfully reply to the Mayor that I would be extremely happy if ALL the upgrades were done equitably throughout Springfield, not just in the most visible areas. There are neighborhood that don't even get basic maintenance on a regular basis.


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