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School delays/closings

1) Why was there no delay this morning?  Every other local school system I checked was either delayed or closed for winter break.  The last I checked Springfield isn't located in a biosphere with magically better weather or road conditions.

2) When we do close or delay, our system always seems to either decide, or publish such information much later than the other systems as well.  In fact, I was thrilled to be awakened at 1230am with the inclement weather phone call when nearly every other system was posted at about 7pm the previous evening.

Who is responsible for these decisions and why does our system insist on taking the safety of our children and families so casually? 
Robin Morgan February 19, 2014 at 11:48 AM
Seriously??? Ok, I know I am going to seem 100 year old, but in my day, there were no delayed openings and school was closed when there was a foot or more of snow. These past few storms were not that bad and yet of course the schools were closed because God forbid Mommy and Daddy's precious little snowflake be subjected to walking in the snow!!! The way you coddle these kids today is going to backfire in everyone's faces. Remember, these kids that are smothered in Purell and get trophy's for just showing up somewhere are going to have to lead this nation someday. They all get too much and expect every thing handed to them. As soon as they get out of college, they expect the corner office and by any means cannot start in the mailroom.


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