Valentine's Day, Springfield and Me

The town's done me right for romantic gifts.

I have a pretty spotty track record with Valentine’s Day Gifts.

The first year we were dating, I bought the woman I would marry a box full of astronaut ice cream.  You know, that freeze dried stuff they give to kids at museums? I thought it would be a fun, quirky gift that sidestepped the corniness of flowers and boxes of chocolate and other such nonsense.

Well, it wasn’t exactly the grand romantic gesture my then girlfriend (maybe almost then-ex girlfriend) had in mind. She got over it, thankfully. And I’ve improved my gift giving skills considerably since, with a surprising number of well-executed gifts purchased in Springfield.

A partial list follows.

A bottle of Shiraz recommended by a staffer at the .

Neil Gaiman’s book “The Graveyard Book,” purchased at .

A box of candy in the shape of an Atari 2600 Controller, purchased at .

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for Playstation 3, purchased at .    


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