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Springfield Woman Faces Drug Charges After Passing Out in Car in Short Hills

Springfield woman charged with 10 different counts of possession, driving without a license and driving under the influence on Tuesday afternoon in Wendy's parking lot in Short Hills.

A 33-year-old Springfield woman was arrested Tuesday, Jan. 22 in a Millburn Wendy's parking lot after passing out in her car with prescription pills and crack cocaine paraphernalia, Millburn Police said.

According to the report, police responded to a 4:30 p.m. call for medical assistance at 778 Morris Turnpike in Short Hills.

Police said Leyora Zuberman was hanging over the center console of her car with her eyes closed when they arrived.

The report said Zuberman didn't respond to police knocking on the window. The officer opened the door and tapped her on the shoulder. Zuberman popped up in a daze, police said.

When police asked her if she was okay, Zuberman told police she just fell asleep. 

Police said Zuberman was sweating and confused. She couldn't tell police where she came from or how she got to the Wendy's parking lot. 

After running the car's plates, police found the owner had a warrant from Miami-Dade Police Department and asked Zuberman to get out of the car.

As Zuberman exited the car, police said, the officer noticed a glass pipe — commonly used to smoke crack cocaine. 

In a search for identification and the vehicle's registration, police found four more glass pipes, a bundle of copper wool, a small plastic straw, a spoon, a 'pusher' and a scale.

Also found was a glass vial containing an unknown white powder, a Suboxone controlled prescription sublingual film and a small tin box with loose pills. Police identified the pills as three Latida, one Nifedical, one Oxycotin and six Larazepam.

Zuberman was charged with 10 counts of possession, driving without a license and driving under the influence.

She remained in police custody for 12 hours under observation before being released with a court date. 


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