Going Green: Makes Green & Saves Green

For the sake of Springfield's environment and finances, official urges increased recycling.

Have you ever wondered how recycling benefits Springfield? We all know that recycling is good for the environment and the more we recycle the less refuse we put into our land fill, but did you know that for each ton of refuse we put into the land fill there is a cost to the township and for each ton of recyclables Springfield receives monies in the form of two state sponsored grants.

The good news is that even though the cost per ton of refuse has increased from $60.42 in 2007 to $66.94 in 2009, the total cost of putting refuse into the dump has decreased through increased recycling efforts. The cost to Springfield in 2007 was $419,564 as opposed to $407,472 in 2009.

The Clean Communities Grant and the Recycling Tonnage Grant are the two grants that the township applies for each year. In 2007, the township received a total of $62,882 for both grants which is put back in the recycling program. Springfield ranked number 4 out of the 21 towns in Union County for Recycling Tonnage Grants in 2009.

It seems simple enough, the less we put in the land fill the lower the cost to us and the more we recycle the more grant money we receive. So, not only do you help preserve resources by recycling, but you also save tremendous amounts of money in the long run. Every ton you recycle is a ton you don't have to pay to throw out.

"It doesn't take any more energy to throw an item into the trash than it does to place it in a recycling container.  Recycling is an effortless way of saving both money and our environment." said Joe Sarno, DPW Recycling Manager.

 As a Springfield resident, you are an integral part of the Township's Recycling Program. To increase the grant monies coming in and reduce the tipping fees requires everyone to do their part. So, the next time you think about throwing out a plastic water bottle or newspaper, you are throwing out money. I encourage everyone to recycle more, it benefits everyone.

Keeping the Township of Springfield clean and beautiful is a goal we all want to achieve. We can and should strive toward this goal because it is the right thing to do. Every little bit helps and collectively, we can accomplish a lot.

Marc Krauss is a member of Springfield's Township Committee.

Click here for Springfield's recycling guidelines.


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