Springfield Government Recommended Evacuation Areas

Officials strongly recommend residents leave flood-prone areas.

The Springfeld government urges residents of the following streets and residential centers to evacuate no later than noon Monday:

Marion Avenue, Warner Avenue, Alvin Terrace, Perry Place, Washington Avenue, Cain Street, Battle Hill Avenue, Riverside Drive, Colonial Terrace, lower South Maple Avenue, Joanne Way, Smithfield Drive, Cottler Avenue, Laurel Drive, Elmwood Road, lower Redwood Road, lower Hemlock Terrace, lower Cypress Terrace, lower Sycamore Terrace, Kipling Avenue, Mapes Avenue, Baldwin Place, Irwin Street, Wentz Avenue, Beverley Road, lower Briar Hills Circle, Edgewood Avenue, The Villas, The Cove, Walnut Court, lower Garden Oval.


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