Springfield Schools Reopen Today

Will remain open for the rest of the week.

After over a week of Hurricane Sandy-related closings, Springfield Schools opened their doors this morning. 

According to an announcement on Springfield Schools' Facebook page, schools opened today on their regular schedule and will stay open for the rest of the week. 

The schools' principals touted a return to normalcy in most of their messages to parents. Sandmeier Principal Michael Plias noted that buses are running on their normal schedules and Walton Principal Susie Hung shared the school's lunch menu. 

The one major change is that Caldwell students and staff reported to Jonathan Dayton High School this morning. There has not yet been an announcement on how the schools will make up for the lost days. 

Meredith Anne November 07, 2012 at 04:55 PM
We were told that the bus service would be operating as normal, and yet our bus never showed up this morning. After another parent called, we were told the bus couldn't make it to the stop due to a downed tree, and yet, the bus before ours made it there just fine. My husband drove to the bus stop at Troy Village from where we are staying in Maplewood, so I KNOW the alternate way in was not blocked, but when I called Transportation I was told that the driver couldn't get in through the alternate route, either (down Stone Hill from Shunpike). This is a direct lie, as my husband had JUST driven that way. After pointing this out, I was then told that they couldn't just alter the route, that the other kids that needed to be picked up would have been late had he gone that way. So... what I was basically told was that our kids, those at Troy Village, without power or heat, are less important than the kids who are picked up later. Heaven forbid that the bus shows up late to school, instead of on time but without the kids from our stop. I am furious right now. On top of this, we were never informed that the bus wasn't going to make it - we had to call ourselves. I hope that someone out there is paying attention.
Mona November 08, 2012 at 10:42 AM
We had to move out of Springfield as we still dont have power. The school started on Wednesday but how can families like us send our kids to school? Its too cold if we move back to our houses. The schools should have opened when everyone got the power back or atleast make this a excused holiday.


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